Wyler Vetta


Wyler Vetta has made inspiration its engine, an energy that reflects and amplifies colors, emotions to find a deep and authentic connection between the outside  world and the deep self. 

This is why every watch in the Wyler Vetta collections is capable of inspiring the wearer, accompanying him or her on a journey through ever new perspectives  and points of view. 

With an eye and a spirit open to grasp the sometimes unexpected and timeless beauty of what surrounds it, whatever the context, natural or metropolitan.

The soul and temperament of someone who is able to draw on the best of different worlds. 

Italian creativity and innovation, American courage and spirit, Swiss precision and high technology: the soul of Wyler Vetta reflects these worlds, drawing its  essence from them; that distinctive character since 1896. 

Inspiration as a reflection of the world, a force that starts with what surrounds us. 


Putting 125 years of experience in the making of ultra-resistant and innovative timekeepers on dynamic people, always in movement, who need precision and  performance in their activities without having to give up style.



Paul Wyler is born. 


Wyler S.A is built. 


The Incaflex balance is invented, revolutionizing the world of watchmaking. 


The Incaflex balance is invented, revolutionizing the world of watchmaking. 


On October 8th, several Wylers are launched from the top of the Eiffel Tower to demonstrate their strength and indestructibility. A notary attests to their functioning  after the fall. The most famous model, known as the ratchet, due to its peculiar construction with a double bottom with an external, mobile back that serves to wind  the automatic movement, was exhibited for more than 50 years in the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. 


The Italian national soccer team wears Wyler Vetta watches as they become World Champions for the first time. 


In America, scientist Albert Einstein praises the quality of his Wyler Hermetic Chronograph. 


Vittorio De Sica is awarded best director in the world for the film “Bicycle Thieves” and receives the award wearing his Wyler Vetta.


The 1931 Eiffel Tower watch launch event is repeated, this time with even sturdier models featuring one-piece construction, typical of the brand’s sportier  collections. 


The new Wyler factory is inaugurated in Biel. For the occasion, a special model is produced, in a limited and numbered edition, a Tricompax Chronograph,  subsequently named Crono Panda by collectors all over the world. 


New launch event for Wyler Vetta watches from Seattle Tower. 

New launch event for Wyler Vetta watches from Seattle Tower.

The Dynawind Heavy Duty Collection is enriched with a new model, professional diver, again with water resistance of 660 feet, 201.168 meters to be precise.


Two new collections are dedicated to the Dolce Vita and its most famous characters, Gassman, Loren, Mastroianni: Diadato, the most characteristic WylerVetta  carré watch and Crono 726, a beautiful and very rare chronograph with complete calendar.


The Jumbostar Chronograph, the most technical and iconic in the history of the Wyler Vetta brand, is produced.


It is the year of the first Titanium Chronograph branded Wyler Vetta, 200 meters of water resistance at a truly amazing weight for a 39mm automatic chronograph  watch. 


We celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 1934 World Cup victory played in Italy with a special edition of 999 pieces of the Football Chronograph with 7751  movement modified to be able to time the 45 minutes of each half of the match. 


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Paul Wyler’s birth, two versions of the Centenaire watch are produced: the first in a limited and numbered edition of 100  pieces with an automatic manufacture movement and original Incaflex balance; the second, with an automatic manufacture movement 2671 in a limited and  numbered edition of 400 pieces. The watch is rectangular in shape to honor 65 years since the brand’s first rectangular automatic, the Mater, in 1931.


Richard Gere signs for Wyler Vetta Espacitè Collection.


For the 110th anniversary, the Heritage collection is produced, replicating one of the most beautiful guilloché dials from the Wyler Vetta archives.