Wyler Vetta Art & Design

2023, Collaboration with CRASH

Once again, we wanted to “paint” our watches thanks to the collaboration of contemporary artists: after Giacomo Perego’s works of 2021 and French artist Gomor’s painting of 2022, modern art is helping us once again draw a significant line in the brand’s journey by depicting one of the most representative watches of 2023.

We commissioned John Matos, in art CRASH, to create a “mural on canva,” reproduced in 100 prints, depicting the Dynawind Esercito model.

2022, Collaboration with the french street artist Gomor

We decided to celebrate the end of 2022 through a collaboration with the french street artist Gomor.

The artwork, produced in a limited edition of 50 numbered copies, reinterprets with his irreverent and ironic style an emblematic episode in the history of Wyler Vetta: the launch of some timepieces from the Eiffel Tower to test their strength, which took place on 8 October 1931, in the presence of notaries who were able to certify that the watches still worked after the fall.

The artist has reconstructed this episode by Scrooge McDuck, the famous comic who, against the background of the Eiffel Tower, wears his Jumbostar chronograph while holding a Wyler Vetta branded suitecase full of cash.

A funny, light and at the same time meaningful image, apparently childish, in pure Gomor’s style.

125th Anniversary

In 2021 we have celebrated the 125th anniversary for Wyler Vetta’s founder, Paul Wyler.

For this important milestone, we thought we’d narrate the extraordinary story of this brand in an artistic form.

A young talented painter, Giacomo Perego, interpreted 4 movement-events for these 125 years in 4 subjects, 50 limited edition paintings for each one.

In 1931 and again in 1956, a watch has been thrown from the Eiffel Tower, and in 1962 one has been thrown from Seattle’s Tower. The repeated throws from  airplanes, in the 60s and 70s, and Albert Einstein’s testimony in 1944 have represented a unique showcase of Wyler Vetta’s quality and innovation.

The contamination between these iconic elements and cartoon subjects, which are the artist’s signature, determine a perfect bridge between past, present and future.